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Happy 2 years of my Blog

Exactly two years ago today, I started my blog. A friend of mine gave me the inspiration and till this day I am still very thankful for him. I wasn’t having a good day. I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing a lot in my life. In a way it was good that I wasn’t feeling great that day and that I expressed my feelings because it brought me to my blog.

What I have learned about blogging is that it can be difficult. There have been times where I have gone a couple of months without posting. The reasons for this is because I did not know what to write about and I would get distracted with other things. I felt like I was going to make the mistake of dropping my blog. However, I didn’t want that to happen and I continue to write.

Originally, I tried to create a travel and things I do around Austin blog. Now, I think my blog is more of a lifestyle blog. I feel like I don’t travel enough to be a travel blogger. It was actually a friend of mine that told me that my blog was a lifestyle blog. I didn’t even know what a lifestyle blog was at the time. I’m just happy that my blog exists.  It has given me the chance to meet other bloggers, practice my writing, and share adventures with others. Whether it’s traveling, bucket lists, things around Austin, or sharing my personal thoughts. I hope to continue blogging and thanks for everyone who has visited.

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