Magnolia Table Visit

This past Friday, I just had to visit Magnolia Table on my way to Dallas. I love the show fixer upper and breakfast foods. I asked my sister to meet me in Waco, she drove from Dallas to meet me. The restaurant does have a parking lot but it’s limited. I had to park behind another restaurant that is right next to Magnolia. I got to the restaurant at 10:45 AM and had to wait in line to put my name down. However, the service was phenomenal. Employees told me the wait would be about an 1 hour and 45 minutes for 2 people but if I requested a community table or bar seating it would be quicker. Of course, I requested for both. When I put my name down, I gave them my phone number for them to text me when my table was ready. Magnolia Table has a waiting area outside where you can get coffee, juice, and pastries. My sister and I got iced lattes while we waited. The restaurant also has a takeaway/gift shop area if you don’t want to wait for food. I visited the takeaway/gift shop area and got a pecan coffee for my brother and a rose lemonade for myself.

We ended up waiting an 1 hour and 20 mins and sat on a bar table. The food was quick and delicious. My sister and I just caught up, ate our food, and enjoyed the air condition, after waiting outside. I recommend the restaurant but if you don’t like waiting, try to go early on a weekday. I would recommend to get there when the restaurant opens at 6 AM or you can just get takeaway food and take pictures. I am happy I got to visit Magnolia Table and that my sister was able to join me.



Summer Bucket List

Summer is officially here! In Texas that is. I know that the official summer date is June 21st or 20th but Texas starts early. I created a blog last year, a bucket list for Texas blog. I have only done one thing on my list so far, which was visit Hamilton Pool. I want to do at least one other Texas bucket list this summer. Since, Texas is hot in the summer. The majority of my bucket list will consist of pools and indoor activities.

  1. Friends of the blue hole: It’s a community park owned by Wimberley Texas. The park has trails, a swimming area, picnic areas, and a amphitheater. A reservation needs to be made for swimming  all other amenities are free the public, a reservation does not have to be made.
  2. Krause Spring:  a natural-fed spring, located in Spicewood Texas and it’s a family owned property.
  3. Visit Deep Eddy Vodka distillery: Deep Eddy is a popular vodka in Austin. The distillery is located in Dripping Springs and has tasting room for cocktails. The distillery also has tours. They’re are going through renovations, so tours are suspended but I will visit the tasting room.
  4. Visit Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner Texas: This happens to be the oldest brewery in Texas, started in 1909.
  5. Port Aransas Beach: It’s a 3 hour drive from Austin, which is the closet beach to Austin. I have not enjoyed the beach in awhile, so this is a must
  6. Jacob’s Well: An artesian spring, year around the temperature is 68 degrees. It is also located in Wimberley Texas. It’s open year around but swimming is seasonally  permitted. A reservation has to be made to visit Jacob’s well. I am actually going this weekend.
  7. Casa Neverlandia: a unique home in Austin TX. The artist describes his home as Peter Pan inspired. The tours are $15.00 dollars and the artist/homeowner posts different tours dates on facebook.

I hope I get to do all the things on my list. Summer is not my favorite season but this bucket list helps me get excited for summer.

Planning your trip

For July, I want to plan a trip to New York (NY) for my boyfriends birthday. I have been having a difficult time. First I can choose from 3 airports: Newark, JFK, and La Guardia. I’m learning more towards La Guardia due to the price and closeness of Manhattan. So I need to buy the plane ticket soon, especially since summer is a busy travel season. Second, I need to think about a place to stay. Airbnd, hotel, ask a friend. I need to compare prices and see locations. Obviously, the cheapest is staying with a friend but I need to see what their schedule is like. Then, where to go. I want to plan the days to see what we can do while we are there and how to get between places. Taxi/uber’s add up, so I want to learn about the subway and other public transportation. Usually, when I go to places I do a tour group or have a local friend show me around. However, this trip seems to be me more planning which is fine, I just need to plan it. Here are the tips that are helping me plan:

What airport?

If you have a chance to pick between airports. Then get the airport with the better deal. Also, keep in mind how far it is from your destination will it be a $50.00 Uber? or is there a shuttle that will lead you to the hotel. One time I flew from San Antonio to Las Vegas. Instead of Austin to Las Vegas because of the price. I also had somewhere to stay in San Antonio.

Where’re you staying?

Usually I stay with friends or I share an Airbnb with a couple of friends. Since, it’s my first time setting a trip for two without a local’s help. I’m going to compare prices/locations for NY to see what’s a better deal.

What do your days look like?

I like creating lists of  things I want to see. I have been to New York before, so I’m going to have my boyfriend create a list. Then I will spilt the things by day to not get overwhelmed. Also, I need to see how the places are from each other. EX: how far is the Empire state from the Brooklyn bridge


Last time I went to New York we used the subway and taxi’s/uber’s. We only used the Taxi/uber’s when we were really tired and willing to spend. When I went to Seattle, we used Uber a lot and ended up spending more. Questions you can ask yourself: Are you renting a car? What is the Public transportation like in the city or do I have to use a taxi/rideshare.


Worrying about things like what my days look like and transportation are inspiring me to save spending money for a trip. I like traveling, I just have an easier time when I have a local show me around or I travel with a tour group. However, just traveling anywhere even if I plan it, is fun and makes me happy. I’m hoping since I have been to New York before, I will have easy time planning this trip. I hope these tips can you help you plan your trip too.


Selena Movie Party in Austin

On Tuesday night, I went to my first Alamo draft movie party. If you are not familiar with Alamo Draft Movie Parties, the movie theater Alamo Draft will hold events were they show a classic movie and they celebrate the movie. They give the audience props maybe do a sing along. The movie party I attended was the Selena Movie Party. The Selena Movie Party was held to celebrate her life and her recent birthday, April 16th. They gave us song lyrics, maracas, a candle, and they did a Selena menu. I ordered the Selena pizza, with a Como La Flor drink. The drink was refreshing, perfect for a summer drink and it wasn’t to sweet. The Selena pizza had extra pepperoni because it was her favorite. Before the movie started they showed interviews of Selena and commercials she did. Also, their was a host and she told us we can use the maracas during the movie because it was a movie party and sing along to her songs. She explained that this would be a different movie party, where at the end of the movie we would lite the candle in memory of Selena. We were definitely missing tissues.

I hadn’t seen the Selena movie in awhile, so I was excited. A friend of mine invited me and we thought staying up late on work night was worth it. I ate my pizza and drank my Como La For drink, and watched the movie like it was the first time. I used the maracas in good parts and tried to sing along. At the end we lite our candles for Selena’s memory. The movie party was definitely worth staying up late. I want to attend another movie party at Alamo Draft, hopefully they have an 80’s theme one.

Top Ten Things I’m grateful for.

Every evening I want to say ten things i’m  grateful for to wake up refreshed every morning. I thought this evening I would share them with y’all.

1. My cat, Mocha


2. My Friends

3. Weekends

4. My Blog

5. My Boyfriend

6. That I did goat yoga on Saturday


7. That I am an aunt, with a cute niece and nephew

8. The bath bombs and bubble bar under my bathroom sink

9. Upcoming 5K

10. That I have time to relax

11. Bonus gratitude: my future trips!

This is my first gratitude list and I want to continuing creating new ones. To help me appreciate the good in life and give me a new positive energy.

Things I love about Los Angeles

Los Angeles has it all an amazing night life, delicious food, beautiful scenery, and outdoor activities. Also, the famous Hollywood sign and you can’t forget the amazing weather. It’s a perfect place to eat outside, sit on the patio, and just walk around the city to enjoy all the great neighborhoods. It’s a city where you will never get bored. There’re endless opportunities in LA. I had the chance to visit this past weekend. Friday night-Sunday. I was lucky to get a local visit of LA, thanks to some friends of mine. Here were some of my LA favorites:


  1. Home: We came here my first night in Los Angeles for dinner. My friend doesn’t live to far from the restaurant and it’s one of his favorite restaurant’s. The restaurant is located in The Los Feliz neighborhood. They have the best fish tacos and cocktails. My friends and I had a great time catching up, drinking our delicious cocktails, and having a nice dinner.


2. Millie’s Cafe: This is a great brunch place they have different flavor pancakes. It’s located in the silver lake neighborhood. I got chocolate chip pancakes with the usual. Meaning it comes with your choice of meat, eggs, and potatoes. It was an amazing breakfast and it’s definitely worth the wait. We sat outside, enjoyed our breakfast, with some coffee, and talked.


3. Grand Central Market:  is located in downtown Los Angeles. They have a variety of food vendors. They also host game nights, movies, and other events. When I came here I had some Mexican food along with some McConnell’s ice cream. Stop there have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert and walk around.


  1. Alfred Coffee Silverlake: I got a matcha latte here and it was not only pretty but it hit the spot. It was perfect to have after brunch. I loved the environment at this coffee shop.



2. Madison Park Coffee: is a new coffee shop in West Hollywood. I got my usual, vanilla latte with a crossisant. My friends got a chai latte and a Rose Latte. Yes, you heard that right, a Rose latte. It even has roses in the latte.


The Dresden: This bar provides live entertainment seven nights a week. They have a jazz performance by couple (Marty & Elayne) and they have been performing for 40 years. The couple performs five nights a week Tuesday through Saturday night. I came here after having dinner at Home and The Dresden is walking distance from the restaurant. My friends and got a table in the lounge and enjoyed watching Marty and Elayne perform. Head to this bar to experience a classic performance along while drinking some cocktails.


  1. Griffith Observatory Park: This is where I saw a great view of the Hollywood sign.  We drove and found parking and headed to the observatory. We didn’t pay to see the Observatory we just walked around. When you come here, keep in mind parking and paying to park. At the park, you can see people having a picnic, taking pictures, and hiking. They have trails below the Observatory Deck. The Observatory showed me how beautiful Los Angeles is, if I lived here this would be my place to come and relax.


2. Queen Mary: is in Long Beach but it is worth the drive to see this ship. Long Beach is 26 miles. However, it can be longer with traffic. Queen Mary is a floating hotel with restaurants, shops, and tours. We tried to do a Haunted tour but it was sold out. The ship has a lot history and beautiful views of the beach. I even had an amazing seafood dinner that night. A great meal for my last night in south California.

So many things to do in lovely LA. I had so much fun experiencing the city with my friends. I got to eat at great restaurants, see beautiful sights, have amazing coffee, and cocktails, and most importantly spend time with my friends. I really want to come back and explore more of Los Angeles.


San Diego Zoo

When you research the best zoo’s in the world, San Diego is always on the top of the list. My lyft driver on the way to brunch in San Diego, even had a membership for the zoo. It’s The Zoo to visit in the United States. I had a whole Friday to spend in San Diego and I thought, why not visit the zoo after brunch. My admission ticket was a 1 Day Pass that was $54.00 dollars and It included a guided bus tour, kangaroo zoo, and skyfari aerial tram. I thought I would spend maybe an hour, 2 tops at the zoo, I spend 5 hours there and I still didn’t get to see everything. Here are my tips on visiting the amazing San Diego Zoo:

1. Do the guided bus tour first:

the bus tour is about 30- 40 minutes and it shows you the whole Zoo. Sit on the right side by the window, you can see a better view of the animals. A tour guide will tell you more about the zoo and how you can help with donations. The guided bus tour help me know where the animals I wanted to see were and other things the zoo offers.

2. The Kangroo Bus is very helpful:

it’s the city bus for the zoo. They have 4 bus stops around the zoo. I would ride the bus when I had trouble finding something or got tired of walking. They have a tour guide on the bus that tells you what each stop is. Basically, the way the Kangaroo bus works is you wait at one of stops, a bus picks you up and you get out at the stop you’re going to.

3. The money is worth it:

they have 1 day passes and 2 days passes. They have a 1 day pass that includes a 4D movie, which is the most popular admission ticket. Mine didn’t include the 4D theatre. When I started to look at ticket prices for zoo, I was thinking about not going because I felt the prices were high. Now, I don’t regret it. I actually wish I could of gotten a 2 day pass to see the Sarfari Park. The money is worth it and a family can spend the whole day there. I spend 5 hours and I wanted to stay longer. The San Diego Zoo is worth every cent.

It was time for my Afternoon Tea

This past Saturday I got my chance to experience Afternoon Tea. It was for my friend’s 30th birthday. Reservations were made at Hotel Ella in Austin and it was $25 dollars per person. To help us choose our tea, our sever let us smell the teas. I got the tea called Tropical green. It consisted of green tea, with pineapple and papaya.  I think I made a good decision with my tea because it was delicious. When we got our tea stand, our server told us to start from the bottom. He told us to start on the bottom because that was the unsweet option and the top was the sweetest. The bottom was cute finger sandwiches. My favorite was the chicken salad sandwich. The middle was blueberry scones with jam, and the top was macaroons and chocolate. All delicious and it hit the spot. The service was excellent and our server was very informative about the the tea’s and food. Also, Hotel Ella in Austin is beautiful and it was the perfect setting for a friend’s birthday.

Happy 1 Year of my Blog

It’s official today marks 1 year of my blog. A year ago today, I published my first blog entry called Work Mornings. It was a Wednesday night and I expressed how work mornings can be a hassle. However, I expressed its the little things that can help you push through. Like a latte or short vacation. It wasn’t my most viewed blog but it was my first one. I’m proud of that blog entry, it helped bring me here.

One of the main reasons I started my blog is I’m a wanderluster. I love to travel and experience new restaurants or attend different events and I like to talk about them. Wheather it’s in Austin, another Texas city, or out of the country. Also, I’m a writer it feels great to say that. I love writing. I don’t know what it is but I like putting my thoughts down. It nice to be able to put your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in words. It’s another reason why I still journal.

Thank you for reading my blog, the follows, the likes, the comments. I really appreciate them. I’m also thankful for my friend that gave me the idea of starting a blog. So here is to 1 year of my blog and hopefully many more years!

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