FOMO Factory

A pop up museum in Austin has been inspired by FOMO, FOMO-Fear of missing out. People will definitely will feel left out when they look at your FOMO Factory pictures.  The museum’s idea is to celebrate the magic of childhood. They want to bring back the imagination you had as a child. You can scrabble your name, jump out of a huge cake, and play in a ballpit. A friend of mine invited me to go last week. The tickets are $23.00 dollars and is open Thursday-Sunday. They will be in Austin till October 21st.

When I got to The FOMO Factory, the staff was very friendly and helpful. They told me to celebrate like it was my birthday.  The museum has different themes. They have a dessert theme, school theme, playground, and summer vacation. My favorite theme was summer vacation. They had a ball pit, beach balls, a beach, and big sand castle. You can take pictures and pretend to be a kid again. The staff is more than happy to take pictures of you. They even give you free ice-cream and a Snapple. I can not remember the last time I had a Snapple. I recommend the FOMO Factory to anyone that loves to take pictures and who wants to be a kid again.


My Travel Bucket List

Since I did not travel this summer and my next trip is not till December. All I can think about is places I want to travel to. To help with my wanderlust I created an international travel bucket list. Here is my international bucket list:


An elephant ride in Thailand has been my dream for a couple of years now. I hear the food is delicious and inexpensive.


I think I saw bits of Iceland on my flight from London to Austin. It was absolute gorgeous I know going out there is expensive but I am willing to spend the money there. Also, plane tickets are not bad from Austin. I feel like there is something for everyone in Iceland.


I have been wanting to go here since I saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I want to go to Santori drink wine and look at the beautiful scenery. I have been planning on going to Greece for awhile. My sister wants to go in Summer of 2020. I know that trip will finally happen.


This country has been on my top list especially, after the Lizzie Mcguire movie. I was trying to go in December or November but ended up choosing Scotland.


My cousin is there currently, teaching English abroad and the pictures look beautiful. I also want to try that ice cream that does not melt.

I am hoping my international bucket list can be accomplished sooner rather than later. I will work on it. Since, I have not been able to travel, I have been looking at travel vlogs, reading travel blogs, and following travelers on instagram.

Scotland trip

I have been wanting to go on an international trip for a while. I tried to go to Greece for summer 2018, then I had try to set another trip to visit France, Spain, and Italy in September 2018.  Unfortunately, neither of those trips worked out. As of now, I finally have a trip set up that works with my finances and timing. I will be going to Scotland for 6 days in December, a week before Christmas. I could not be more excited. If y’all have been to Scotland and have any recommendations, please let me know. I would be heading Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Scottish Highlands, West Highlands, Isle of Skye, and Glasgow. Here are some things I want to see:

  • The Elephant House: I recently just heard about this place. The coffee shop in Edinburg where JK Rowling started Harry Potter. I am pretty sure it will be packed so I think I will just take a quick picture.
  • Christmas Markets at Princes Street Gardens: This was recommended by Visit Scotland, a travel organization. Its a public park in the centre of Edinburgh and during Christmas they have markets. I am for sure going to stop by and shop.
  • Edinburgh Castle: I heard its resting on an extinct volcano. So, I am hoping to see the castle and volcano.

I just realized that my to do list is all Edinburg. So, any recommendations would be helpful.



My Favorite Happy Hours in Austin

Lately, I have been checking out happy hours after work. They are fun, inexpensive (well depending on how much you drink), and a great relaxer after work. These are 3 of my favorites:

  1. Peche: this restaurant serves French comfort foods and craft cocktails. The decor is amazing. It feels like the 1920’s when you walk into Peche. Happy hour is all night Sunday and Monday, 4:00-7:00 PM Tuesday-Sunday. They have 1/2 off selected food and $5 dollar cocktails.
  2. Salty Sow:  has a laid back setting. They serve American foods, cocktails, and craft beers. Their happy hour is 4:30-6:30 everyday. They have a menu specifically for Happy Hour. They have $5 dollar glasses of wine and great food for $5 dollars like the honey rosemary dipped fried chicken and their amazing duck fat fries. D225FD32-033D-4269-8744-1CA5DFFCB715
  3. El Alma: A Mexican cuisine and cocktail restaurant. When they weather is nice, I recommend sitting on their rooftop deck. Everyday from 3:00-6:00 PM they have discounted appetizers and drink specials. If you’re in the mood for a margarita come here!DB6AD823-9532-4B3C-A80A-9E302BB8287F

Whenever you’re in Austin, check these places out.

Why you Should Visit Krause Springs

Krause Spings has been crossed off my summer and Texas Bucket list. Reservations do not have to be made to swim. They open at 9 AM and its 8 dollars be sure to bring cash. When you walk in they have a man-made pool, picnic tables, restrooms, and showers. To get to the natural spring, you need to hike some rocks. Be careful the rocks are slippery. I actually fell but I am ok. The Spring is not to cold, its refreshing. The water is deep, so I had to swim a lot but there is shallow areas. Krause Springs has a water fall and a cave area. I took pictures by the waterfall and swam near the cave. I did not attempt the rope spring but a friend of mine did. Glass is not allowed at Krause Springs but you can bring cans. We brought food, can drinks, and towels. After swimming, we laid by the water and ate our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Doritos. We really did not drink much alcohol because we wanted to hydrate. My favorite things at Krause Springs were:

  1. The Water is refreshing: usually, I try to jump in the water when I go to a pool. I am always sacred to feel how cold it is. However, this time I slowly walked in the water. It was perfect, it was not to cold and it was not warm. I could stay in the water for hours.
  2. It’s gorgeous: they have a waterfall, trees everywhere. It’s absolutely gorgeous. They even have a rope spring.
  3. Reservations do not have to be made: this made things a lot easier, I did not have to book in advance. I can just show up when they open and pay to get in. Most swimming holes in Texas, reservations have to be made in advance because they fill up.

I really do recommend visiting the spring. It’s located in Spicewood TX that’s about an hour drive from Austin. I”m so happy my friends were able to join me. I definitely want to go back but first I need to visit other swimming holes around Texas.

Magnolia Table Visit

This past Friday, I just had to visit Magnolia Table on my way to Dallas. I love the show fixer upper and breakfast foods. I asked my sister to meet me in Waco, she drove from Dallas to meet me. The restaurant does have a parking lot but it’s limited. I had to park behind another restaurant that is right next to Magnolia. I got to the restaurant at 10:45 AM and had to wait in line to put my name down. However, the service was phenomenal. Employees told me the wait would be about an 1 hour and 45 minutes for 2 people but if I requested a community table or bar seating it would be quicker. Of course, I requested for both. When I put my name down, I gave them my phone number for them to text me when my table was ready. Magnolia Table has a waiting area outside where you can get coffee, juice, and pastries. My sister and I got iced lattes while we waited. The restaurant also has a takeaway/gift shop area if you don’t want to wait for food. I visited the takeaway/gift shop area and got a pecan coffee for my brother and a rose lemonade for myself.

We ended up waiting an 1 hour and 20 mins and sat on a bar table. The food was quick and delicious. My sister and I just caught up, ate our food, and enjoyed the air condition, after waiting outside. I recommend the restaurant but if you don’t like waiting, try to go early on a weekday. I would recommend to get there when the restaurant opens at 6 AM or you can just get takeaway food and take pictures. I am happy I got to visit Magnolia Table and that my sister was able to join me.


Book Review

I really think the You’re Badass book found me. I was at a Coffee shop in LA waiting for my coffee. Then, right next time to me I saw the book You are a Badass with Money by Jen Sincero on a coffee table. I showed the book to my friend Kanya because I loved the title. She told me she had read the another book by the author called, You are a Badass. She told me she had really liked the book. At the time I wanted to look into it but did not. However, before I left California the book found me again. I was in the San Diego Airport and I saw the You are a Badass book. I felt it was another sign, so I bought the book. In Austin I told my friends about the book and we started a book club. We have already met once and discussed the first half of the book. We are meeting again in July to discuss the other half.

The You are a Badass book made me feel positive about life. It made me realize that the world has endless opportunities. The book made me feel like I was in high school again. She even had a line in the book that we need to view the world like we did in our teens and early twenties. I definitely recommend the book to others. I felt really good reading the book and I could not put it down. If you have questions about life, please read this book. You will have a different outlook on life and have faith in yourself. It help me realize that I have the power to change my own life. It truly made me feel that I am badass. Even my friends in the book club have enjoyed the book. I loved Jen’s book so much that I am currently reading You are a Badass with Money.