Magnolia Table Visit

This past Friday, I just had to visit Magnolia Table on my way to Dallas. I love the show fixer upper and breakfast foods. I asked my sister to meet me in Waco, she drove from Dallas to meet me. The restaurant does have a parking lot but it’s limited. I had to park behind another restaurant that is right next to Magnolia. I got to the restaurant at 10:45 AM and had to wait in line to put my name down. However, the service was phenomenal. Employees told me the wait would be about an 1 hour and 45 minutes for 2 people but if I requested a community table or bar seating it would be quicker. Of course, I requested for both. When I put my name down, I gave them my phone number for them to text me when my table was ready. Magnolia Table has a waiting area outside where you can get coffee, juice, and pastries. My sister and I got iced lattes while we waited. The restaurant also has a takeaway/gift shop area if you don’t want to wait for food. I visited the takeaway/gift shop area and got a pecan coffee for my brother and a rose lemonade for myself.

We ended up waiting an 1 hour and 20 mins and sat on a bar table. The food was quick and delicious. My sister and I just caught up, ate our food, and enjoyed the air condition, after waiting outside. I recommend the restaurant but if you don’t like waiting, try to go early on a weekday. I would recommend to get there when the restaurant opens at 6 AM or you can just get takeaway food and take pictures. I am happy I got to visit Magnolia Table and that my sister was able to join me.



It was time for my Afternoon Tea

This past Saturday I got my chance to experience Afternoon Tea. It was for my friend’s 30th birthday. Reservations were made at Hotel Ella in Austin and it was $25 dollars per person. To help us choose our tea, our sever let us smell the teas. I got the tea called Tropical green. It consisted of green tea, with pineapple and papaya.  I think I made a good decision with my tea because it was delicious. When we got our tea stand, our server told us to start from the bottom. He told us to start on the bottom because that was the unsweet option and the top was the sweetest. The bottom was cute finger sandwiches. My favorite was the chicken salad sandwich. The middle was blueberry scones with jam, and the top was macaroons and chocolate. All delicious and it hit the spot. The service was excellent and our server was very informative about the the tea’s and food. Also, Hotel Ella in Austin is beautiful and it was the perfect setting for a friend’s birthday.

Halloween Brunch

Usually Halloween activities occur at night. There is late night Halloween parties,  late night horror movies, or a late night Haunted House visit. Even trick treating is in the evening. Well, it was when I was a kid. This Halloween was different, I attended a Halloween brunch. The brunch was hosted by a friend of mine and she did a fantastic job. Her husband helped too. I just loved the idea of a Halloween brunch. I love brunch and Halloween is fun, combing the two is amazing and cute.

The brunch was hosted on a Sunday and a brunch buffet was included. The buffet had waffles, scrambled eggs, kolaches, fruit, and mimosas. It was amazing and I defentiely went for seconds. I brought my Polaroid camera and had fun taking pictures like it was 1977. We took pictures, ate, talked, and just had a good time. For the Halloween brunch activity, we carved pumpkins. It was my first time, pumpkin carving too.  It was a fun and an interesting experience. My friend helped me and I think the pumpkin came out pretty good. It is now on my balcony.

Halloween weekend couldn’t of been more fun. I even got a little pumpkin as a Halloween gift. Hanging out with friends never gets old and neither is celebrating Halloween.

Speakeasy Bar

I have been drinking more cocktails lately. It’s my late 20’s speaking to me to be more fancy. Of course, cocktails are the more expensive drink choice.  That’s why, I want to try to make them at home. Recently, I went to a speakeasy bar called Midnight Cowboy in Austin TX. It’s one of the best cocktails spots in Austin.  For this bar you have to make a reservation. I made a reservation for my boyfriend’s birthday and I loved the bar so much. I made another reservation 2 weeks after. The bar is hidden on 6th street and it’s easy to miss. The way to find to find the bar is by looking for a call box on 6th street. When you finally find it, you have to press the name Harry Craddock. Then a Midnight Cowboy employee will open the door and ask for your reservation. If you don’t have a reservation, you can still be seated if they have open seating. I have never attended a bar that had a unique entrance, so this made me feel important. The bar itself is pretty small and dark but it’s cozy.  The first cocktail I had was called the Millennial. It was the best cocktail that I have ever had. The drink had genever, cochi americano, creme de cacao, lemon, egg white, and lavender bitters. They do have some cocktails that they can make in front of you,which I thought was amazing. The second time we went, my boyfriend ordered a table-side preparation drink. All the drinks I have tried at this speakeasy bar were delicious. If y’all are ever in Austin TX this place is a must try. You can even go with a group of friends and order a delicious punch. I know that I am definitely coming back to Midnight Cowboy.

Brunch in Austin TX

Brunch is my favorite meal of the day. Combing both breakfast and lunch, is one of the greatest inventions ever made. For me brunch is more than just food. It’s a time where I can get together with friends. We will meet up on a Saturday or Sunday early afternoon and just sip our mimosas or bloody Mary’s and just talk. To be honest, I don’t know what can beat that. This helps me relive my stress and be around great supported people. There is times, I do brunch alone to have quality time with myself. A very calming and relaxing feeling. Since, I have a love for brunch I wanted to name 3 of my favorites in Austin.

  1. Counter Cafe: Is an American Diner that servers fresh, local and organic food. It was established in 2006 and has two locations in Austin on N Lamar blvd and East 6th street. They serve brunch Monday thru Sunday till 4:30 PM. They have delicious scrambled eggs and are probably the best I have ever had.
  2. East Side Cafe: This restaurant opened in 1988 and it was the first restaurant to open on the street, manor road. The restaurant servers herbs and vegetables from their own garden. They serve brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
  3. Little Barrel and Brown: serves American cuisine and opened in December 2013. They serve brunch on Saturday’s and Sunday from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM. They also have delicious scrambled eggs and they serve their drinks in a mason jar. It’s located on Annie and South congress in Austin.


Brunch is more amazing when you have a good place. The places above are great places to go to whenever your in Austin Texas, when you want some eggs and bacon with mimosa or a Bloody Mary. Whether your with friends, a significant other, or alone brunch is good start to the day.

Coffee Shops

I have always had a thing for coffee shops. Even when I wasn’t into coffee. Maybe because I’m a 90’s kid. Who knows? The thing about coffee shops is that they are relaxing. They also remind me about college and being an adult. The good things about being an adult not the bad. For some reason, these coffee shops make me happy. They help me with my work weeks and whenever I have a bad day. I just love to sit, drink my coffee, and think. It relaxes and inspires me. Perfect for journal /blog writing or maybe to catch up with a friend.

I moved to Austin TX about a year and a half ago. Since then, I have tried to visit every local coffee shop in the city. I have not come close to visiting ever coffee shop in Austin. It’s just good to live in a city that has a variety of local coffee shops.  Later, I will make an article of my favorite coffee shops in Austin. Even when I’m in a different city I try to visit a coffee shop. My favorite one in New Orleans is spitfire coffee. I get happy just thinking about that latte.

Yesterday, I got the chance to visit a Japanese coffee shop called Sa-Ten in Austin TX. It was tucked a way in a Austin complex. I think the building it was located use to be a warehouse. Now the building has art galleries and the Sa-Ten coffee shop. The shop was packed and had an artsy feel, it was cute. They even had a vintage-television-turned aquarium. I got in line to order my vanilla latte, my drink of choice. Usually, when I order vanilla lattes, I can’t taste the vanilla.  The vanilla latte at Sa-Ten, I could. It wasn’t a strong flavor but a nice light vanilla flavor. The vanilla did not overpower the coffee at all. The latte was so good, I regretted not ordering the large. My boyfriend ordered a regular latte which he liked as well. If you all are ever in Austin TX, this place is must try. I will definitely be going back.

Whether you’re getting a mocha, a black coffee, or a chai latte. Just remember that coffee shops are there to help us get through the week. To study for that final, catch up with a friend, or to read a good book. For sure, you will find me at coffee shop sipping my vanilla latte and updating my blog.


Wine in Texas Hill Country

Yesterday for my friend’s birthday, we went to Fredericksburg Texas. Fredericksburg is beautiful and it’s known for being the Texas Hill country. It has multiple vineyards on the drive in and those vineyards show the beauty of the city. They have shuttle buses on the weekends where you can try the different vineyards. The ticket for the shuttle bus is $25.00 dollars but it does not include the wine. We didn’t try the shuttle bus, we drove straight to Main Street in downtown Fredericksburg. Main street has antique shops, restaurants, wineries, candy shops, and much more. The town has a German influenced because of German settlers that settled there in the past. However, they do have more than just German restaurants. One of my many favorite things about Fredericksburg TX is you can take your wine outside. Yes, you can walk around outside with your wine, beer, or cocktail!

The first winery we tried on Main Street was Andreucci  Wines. The owners of the winery lived 15 years in Italy and brought their knowledge of wine to Fredericksburg Texas. I tried their five sample wine tastings. I had a good experience, the staff was friendly and the wine was tasty. I’m still learning about wine, which is why I love Fredericksburg because I learn more every time I go. After, the winery my friends and I walked around downtown. I had to stop at one of the candy stops to get ice cream because it was hot out. You have to love Texas for its hot weather in February. For those of you that don’t like wine, Fredericksburg does have a brewery called Fredericksburg  brewery. We made a stop there too and the brewery reminded me of when I went to Germany. They had it set up similar like the original hofbrauhaus.

Das Peach Haus was where we ended our trip. It’s a cute little shop that serves jams, salsas, and of course wine. When we came here, we bought 2 bottles of blueberry wine and sat by the lake. The lake is in the backyard of Peach Haus. It was nice and relaxing to sit down and drink wine with my friends by the lake. We took pictures of the lake, talked, and enjoyed the delicious wine. The staff was nice enough to let us stay after they closed. Keep in mind that in Fredericksburg a lot places close early. If you decide to make a trip there, you want to get there in the morning, to have plenty of time to enjoy the city. Fredericksburg is a nice weekend gateway. You can have a bachelorette party with close friends, a romantic weekend with your significant other, or it can be a place to help you get away from the real world.

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