Summer Bucket List

Summer is officially here! In Texas that is. I know that the official summer date is June 21st or 20th but Texas starts early. I created a blog last year, a bucket list for Texas blog. I have only done one thing on my list so far, which was visit Hamilton Pool. I want to do at least one other Texas bucket list this summer. Since, Texas is hot in the summer. The majority of my bucket list will consist of pools and indoor activities.

  1. Friends of the blue hole: It’s a community park owned by Wimberley Texas. The park has trails, a swimming area, picnic areas, and a amphitheater. A reservation needs to be made for swimming  all other amenities are free the public, a reservation does not have to be made.
  2. Krause Spring:  a natural-fed spring, located in Spicewood Texas and it’s a family owned property.
  3. Visit Deep Eddy Vodka distillery: Deep Eddy is a popular vodka in Austin. The distillery is located in Dripping Springs and has tasting room for cocktails. The distillery also has tours. They’re are going through renovations, so tours are suspended but I will visit the tasting room.
  4. Visit Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner Texas: This happens to be the oldest brewery in Texas, started in 1909.
  5. Port Aransas Beach: It’s a 3 hour drive from Austin, which is the closet beach to Austin. I have not enjoyed the beach in awhile, so this is a must
  6. Jacob’s Well: An artesian spring, year around the temperature is 68 degrees. It is also located in Wimberley Texas. It’s open year around but swimming is seasonally  permitted. A reservation has to be made to visit Jacob’s well. I am actually going this weekend.
  7. Casa Neverlandia: a unique home in Austin TX. The artist describes his home as Peter Pan inspired. The tours are $15.00 dollars and the artist/homeowner posts different tours dates on facebook.

I hope I get to do all the things on my list. Summer is not my favorite season but this bucket list helps me get excited for summer.


Flight changes

I was recently emailed by southwest that my Seattle flight was changed. I thought it was interesting because the time change was dramatic. Also, both my departure and arrival flights were changed. Originally, I was suppose to leave Austin at noon with no connecting flight and leave Seattle at noon with no connecting flight. It ended up changing with connecting flights and leaving early in the morning. My Austin flight to Seattle actually had two stops and I was not a fan. Especially, early in the morning. This is the first time my flight has been changed before the day of my flight. The emailed I received did not inform me that I could changed my flight. I was hoping by calling, I could change my flight or get a free drink ticket. I called Southwest and they were able to change my flight with no extra charge. My flight times are so much better and I’m excited for this trip. Also, I am very grateful that the lady from southwest was very nice and helpful.

For future reference, if you ever have a flight change before your fight date. Call the airline to change your flight for no extra cost. I am assuming other airlines will do this too, if you have proof your flight was changed by them. I had an email of my old flight times to show them. However, they had written notes on my account and that was their proof. This has only happen to me once. I am pretty sure the more you fly, the more it happens. This was a learning experience for me. Sometimes simple things like a flight change can help you learn something new.

A Mini Texas Road Trip

This past weekend, I wanted to get away from Austin and experience a new environment.  So, on Saturday afternoon my boyfriend and I went to Wimberley Texas. It was a quick one day road trip. Wimberley is a cute little town 40 minutes from Austin. I heard great things about the area and I wanted a taste for myself. Wimberley has beautiful swimming holes, cute restaurants, and some wineries. A friend of mine told me about a restaurant called The Leaning Pear. The restaurant was beautiful. The ambiance was nice both inside and outside. We sat inside because its Texas and its summer.  For the appetizer we ordered a queso. For the entrees, my boyfriend got mac and cheese and I got the meat loaf with mashed potatoes. All I can say is everything was delicious and the service was amazing.

After dinner, I wanted to check out more of the town. We drove around and stopped by a wine shop called Hill Country Wine Shoppe. The place smelled amazing because of a candle that the shop just unlit. The lady at the store recommended some wine tastings. They have 3 options you can have a red wine taste, a white wine taste, or a sweet wine taste. Then they choose the 7 wine samples for you. My option was the white wine tastings. My favorite wine ended up being Mary Ruth and I bought bottle. Also, I bought a candle. The wine tasting was $7.00, bottle $28.00, and candle $13.00. The lady gave us the idea of going by the creek and drinking my wine because you can drink outside in Wimberley. But instead my boyfriend I stood by the creek and admired it’s beauty. Then, I drank my wine at home.

My mini road trip to Wimberley was a good gateway day. I wanted to get out of Austin for a bit and explore another city. Especially a cute little town. I want to visit the Blue Hole swimming hole and relax. Definitely another Texas Bucket list thing.

Lost Luggage

There I was, waiting at the Austin airport for my luggage.  I had just returned from Denver and was ready to take a nap. One by one, people picked up their bags. While mine was a no show. Then and there I was regretting my decision of not carrying on my suitcase. I was freaking out because it had never happen to me before. I did not know what to expect. Southwest told me that it was probably on another Denver flight. I gave them my information and they told me they would deliver my bag to my home. Apparently, more than 90% of luggage gets returned. That stat calmed me down and later I got a called about my bag.  I was thrilled and all my stuff was there.

If your bag isn’t at the baggage claim, don’t panic. The bag is probably on another flight. Just make sure to tell the airline and make a report before leaving the airport. Once, your bag arrives they will deliver it you.  Or you can just carry on your bag and avoid the drama. I think I might carry on my bag next time.

Why I started Blogging

It’s been 6 months since I started my blog. I got inspired by a close friend of mine to start one. I was not having a good week and felt unmotivated. He asked me what I like doing. I told him that I liked writing, traveling, and food. So, he gave me the idea to start a blog. Some of you might be asking, why I had never thought about a blog before; especially since I like to write. I did try to blog in the past but it never stuck.  I would get distracted with other things. Life happened pretty much. Basically, I didn’t make the time. However, It was always in the back of my mind. My friend gave me the push and direction. I am very thankful for him for that.

I really do want to continue to blog and make it another 6 months or longer. Blogging makes me happy. I am happy to talk about my travels, food experiences, and personal thoughts. It helps me put all my thoughts together and express how I feel at the moment. I can be having a bad day but writing makes it better. Also, I want to help people travel because it’s an amazing experience. I know blogging is not easy but I like it and its something that’s mine. It’s something that expresses who I am and I get to know myself better.  So, I hope to continue writing to everyone and I hoped you have enjoyed it so far.

The Traveler

Close friends of mine, say I am “The Traveler”. They usually ask me how I can afford to travel and how can I go by myself.  I can afford to travel because I make it a priority. I feel experience is worth more than material things. I rather buy a plane ticket to Peru than clothes or home decor. I travel by myself sometimes, because its difficult to accommodate to other people’s schedules. When you’re in your late 20’s The majority of your friends work full time, have second jobs, have kids, or they’re just to busy to travel. Of course, when I can travel with friends I go with them.

Whenever I am in a bad mood, I think about traveling. Then my mood changes and I can’t stop smiling. Traveling helps me get through life or more like it helps me live life. It keeps me going and keeps me sane. Traveling makes me feel like I am doing something with my life. By experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, and learning new things. I love being able to look back at my traveling pictures and reminisce. My office, even has postcards of different places. It motivates me.

I don’t know if I consider myself “The Traveler” like my friends do. Mainly because I still haven’t been to a lot countries. I haven’t even visited all the major cities in the United States. What I do know is that I like to travel and want to continue. Whether it’s visiting a Texas city, a different state, or a different country. And I feel like that makes me a Traveler.

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