Book Review

I really think the You’re Badass book found me. I was at a Coffee shop in LA waiting for my coffee. Then, right next time to me I saw the book You are a Badass with Money by Jen Sincero on a coffee table. I showed the book to my friend Kanya because I loved the title. She told me she had read the another book by the author called, You are a Badass. She told me she had really liked the book. At the time I wanted to look into it but did not. However, before I left California the book found me again. I was in the San Diego Airport and I saw the You are a Badass book. I felt it was another sign, so I bought the book. In Austin I told my friends about the book and we started a book club. We have already met once and discussed the first half of the book. We are meeting again in July to discuss the other half.

The You are a Badass book made me feel positive about life. It made me realize that the world has endless opportunities. The book made me feel like I was in high school again. She even had a line in the book that we need to view the world like we did in our teens and early twenties. I definitely recommend the book to others. I felt really good reading the book and I could not put it down. If you have questions about life, please read this book. You will have a different outlook on life and have faith in yourself. It help me realize that I have the power to change my own life. It truly made me feel that I am badass. Even my friends in the book club have enjoyed the book. I loved Jen’s book so much that I am currently reading You are a Badass with Money.


Mystery Blogger Award

I was nominated by Cracking Adulthood  for The Mystery Blogger Award. Thanks again!! Be sure to check out her blog for inspiration and traveling. I know, I will be.

Here it goes


  • Thank whoever nominated you and include link to their blog
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • Nominate 10-20 bloggers you feel deserve the award
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice with one weird or funny one
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Three Things About Me:

  1. I use to want to be a broadcast journalist or own a restaurant (even though I don’t cook).
  2. I had a pet Chinchilla named Kirby but had to give her away due to college apartment rules.
  3. My dream is to live Seattle but I do not know if I could get use to the rain. I think for Seattle it’s worth it.

My Nominees:

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Cracking Adulthood Questions:

What is your favourite Animal?

I like cats. They’re are so cute and I feel they’re misunderstood but I really believe cats love their humans. I know my cat does.

Who do you gain inspiration from?

My close friends, they’re so supportive and positive. Whenever, I have a bad day I vent to them and I feel better. They not only listen to me but they’re truly understanding of any situation I am. They help get me through everyday and remain positive.

If money and travel were not limited, how would you spend your dream day?

At the beach for sure laying on the sand and listening to the waves. I imagine it not being crowded, a couple of people here and there. I would want to have access to a black beach or a green beach. I hear Hawaii has a variety of different beaches. That’s probably where I want to go and maybe have a drink in hand. I would want my dream day to be really relaxing.

Do you prefer movies, tv, or books?

Probably movies because I can find the ending quicker than a tv show or book. TV shows I have to wait till the next season to find out what happens but I still watch them. Books would be my second choice, since they describe the story more in detail and you find the ending quicker than a tv show.

What is your comfort food?

Mashed Potatoes. It’s a perfect side dish for almost every meal and they’re delicious. It’s also amazing just to have them by themselves.


What is your favorite childhood memory?

Why did you start your blog, what inspired you?

What Mythical creature do you wish existed?

How would you survive a zombie Apocalypse?

If you can switch careers, what career would you choose?

Do not feel pressured to answer the questions but if you want to answer them, I look forward to your answers!


Selena Movie Party in Austin

On Tuesday night, I went to my first Alamo draft movie party. If you are not familiar with Alamo Draft Movie Parties, the movie theater Alamo Draft will hold events were they show a classic movie and they celebrate the movie. They give the audience props maybe do a sing along. The movie party I attended was the Selena Movie Party. The Selena Movie Party was held to celebrate her life and her recent birthday, April 16th. They gave us song lyrics, maracas, a candle, and they did a Selena menu. I ordered the Selena pizza, with a Como La Flor drink. The drink was refreshing, perfect for a summer drink and it wasn’t to sweet. The Selena pizza had extra pepperoni because it was her favorite. Before the movie started they showed interviews of Selena and commercials she did. Also, their was a host and she told us we can use the maracas during the movie because it was a movie party and sing along to her songs. She explained that this would be a different movie party, where at the end of the movie we would lite the candle in memory of Selena. We were definitely missing tissues.

I hadn’t seen the Selena movie in awhile, so I was excited. A friend of mine invited me and we thought staying up late on work night was worth it. I ate my pizza and drank my Como La For drink, and watched the movie like it was the first time. I used the maracas in good parts and tried to sing along. At the end we lite our candles for Selena’s memory. The movie party was definitely worth staying up late. I want to attend another movie party at Alamo Draft, hopefully they have an 80’s theme one.

Why I like Drawing

I’m not an amazing drawer but I do enjoy drawing. Also, drawing comforts me. It helps relieve my stress, in that moment when I am drawing everything that bothers me goes way. I do not even think about anything but my drawing.  I did not realize this until I signed for a drawing class in high school. It was my junior year and I wanted to get dual credit. I thought drawing made sense because I needed an art credit. It ended up only counting as elective in college but thats besides the point. I signed up for this drawing class not knowing what to expect.

Some of things I remember the most about the class is that for our final we had to do a self-portrait or something that represents you. At the time, my journal was a big part of who I was and I drew that. I had to present to the class and explain why my journal. I was scared because I thought my drawing was not very good but people in my class seem to like it. They felt like it explained a lot about myself by simply just drawing my journal. Another thing I remember was my drawing professor, told me that some people are good at drawing without even looking at the object while others draw better when looking at the object. I draw better when I am looking at the object. She also compared my drawing style to Picasso. She told me that I do not get specific in my drawings like he did in some drawings. I really think its because I need a lot more practice but I appreciated the comparison.

I have not drawn much since that class but ever since the class, I have a different outlook on drawing. Before I thought, I am not good it and that it would not help me. Drawing made me realize that drawing does help me and that drawing is more than just drawing. It ‘s a good stress reliever and it comforts me. It also told me more about myself. It told me that I am visual and hands on learner and that I like to try new things. Plus, drawing is beautiful to see something and draw it out is amazing. It’s explaining yourself through a drawing just like my journal drawing explained me.


Top Ten Things I’m grateful for.

Every evening I want to say ten things i’m  grateful for to wake up refreshed every morning. I thought this evening I would share them with y’all.

1. My cat, Mocha


2. My Friends

3. Weekends

4. My Blog

5. My Boyfriend

6. That I did goat yoga on Saturday


7. That I am an aunt, with a cute niece and nephew

8. The bath bombs and bubble bar under my bathroom sink

9. Upcoming 5K

10. That I have time to relax

11. Bonus gratitude: my future trips!

This is my first gratitude list and I want to continuing creating new ones. To help me appreciate the good in life and give me a new positive energy.

Book Club

Yesterday friends and I got together for dinner and drinks. At dinner, we started talking about joining a book club. All 3 of us have been interested in being part of a book club. So then and there we decided why don’t we start one. The first book we are going to read is You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. We choose this book because we wanted something motivational. It can be discouraging when comparing yourself to others or not believing in yourself. We all thought this would be a good book to motivate us and to help us in our daily lives.

For the first meeting, we are going to discuss the first half of the book and meet on April 1st. We are going meet at someone’s place with wine and snacks and start discussing. The first meet up might be at my place and we will switch places for the next meet up. I even discussed meeting at coffee shop, if no one’s place is available. We even invited another friend of ours in Dallas to join with us, we are going to Skype/FaceTime her. I think this is a great opportunity because every time I read a book I want to discuss it with someone. It’s the same with watching a movie or tv show. Finally, it’s my chance to discusss a book and with close friends too. We get so busy in our daily life that it will be nice to have a set schedule to meet up. I already bought the book and now time to reading.

Happy 1 Year of my Blog

It’s official today marks 1 year of my blog. A year ago today, I published my first blog entry called Work Mornings. It was a Wednesday night and I expressed how work mornings can be a hassle. However, I expressed its the little things that can help you push through. Like a latte or short vacation. It wasn’t my most viewed blog but it was my first one. I’m proud of that blog entry, it helped bring me here.

One of the main reasons I started my blog is I’m a wanderluster. I love to travel and experience new restaurants or attend different events and I like to talk about them. Wheather it’s in Austin, another Texas city, or out of the country. Also, I’m a writer it feels great to say that. I love writing. I don’t know what it is but I like putting my thoughts down. It nice to be able to put your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in words. It’s another reason why I still journal.

Thank you for reading my blog, the follows, the likes, the comments. I really appreciate them. I’m also thankful for my friend that gave me the idea of starting a blog. So here is to 1 year of my blog and hopefully many more years!

Where I Like to Blog

Last weekend for the first time, I blogged at a coffee shop.  It felt nice sitting down with my blueberry smoothie and blogging on my phone. Coffee shops are relaxing and there is other people using laptops or their phone and that inspires me. I realize it is easier to type on a laptop but a phone is more convenient. My phone is not a lot to carry and it connects to WiFi just like a laptop. Also, on my phone I can blog just about anywhere; On the bus to work, a coffee shop, at home, or between breaks at work. However, my favorite place to blog is at home with my phone. At home I have many options where I can switch to my laptop if I want to use a bigger screen and I can sit in the comfort of my own couch. I can get distracted at home, which why it’s good to keep my options open about where I blog. I’m just happy that I have many options and resources of technology to blog. I’m also happy that blogging exits in general. Where is your favorite place to blog? Tell me in the comments below!

Christmas in Austin

The thing I love about Christmas is the lights and decorations. I can’t stop looking at them, I feel like there is nothing else like it. So, usually the places I visit during the holidays have a lot lights and decorations. Of course, I like holiday drinks and food too. It might not snow in Austin, well it did a couple of days ago but thats a rare occurrence. However, they do have a lot free events with lights and decorations and other Christmas things too. Like peppermint hot chocolate or some fancy holiday cocktail. There is even ice skating and Christmas music. Austin is a city after all. Here is a list of holiday decorations that I like to visit in Austin:


Mozart’s is a coffee shop that has a beautiful view of Lake Austin. During Christmas they host a light show. It’s a free a event and it starts around mid November and ends January 1st.  They do have multiple booths to get hot chocolate and coffee. Its a great place to walk around and look at beautiful LED lights. The light show seems to be different every year and has to offer for everyone. This year they had a guitar light decorations.

Donn’s Depot

Donn’s Depot is an older bar that goes all out during Christmas. They even decorate the bathroom for Christmas. I like going to have a quick drink and enjoy their free popcorn and awe in the Christmas decorations.

Trail of lights

The trail of lights is held in Zilker Park and its a free event. It starts in the beginning of December and ends December 23rd. The put up lights and decorations and you walk around the park. They also have various food trucks and things for kids where they can write a letter to Santa. It can get pretty crowded, so just keep that in mind. But it’s just another good place to go to in Austin.

The list above are just some places I like to go to see lights and decorations in Austin. It’s not a lot on your budget and there fun to go to. Austin does have many things to do during the holidays like ice skating at Whole Foods headquarters or attending Circuit of Americas’s. However, the above list are my favorites. Also, Austin has an all year Christmas bar called Lala’s, for your Christmas blues.

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