When I can’t travel

2018 was not a big travel year for me. I feel like I did not travel as much as I wanted to. I was able to go to Los Angeles in March and Scotland in December. I was able to go to LA  in March 2018 because I had a southwest credit. Scotland took me awhile to save for. Both trips were great and I am fortunate but I could of gone to more places.

When I can’t travel it makes me feel stuck or that I not living life to the fullest. However, I wanted to save for Scotland both spending money and paying for my whole trip. I also was still was going out to eat a lot and meeting my friends for happy hours. For me to travel more, I need to make more scarifies. I need to spend less money on other things like going out to eat and Happy hours and save it for travel. I wish I could have the money for all those things but I don’t. Last year my priority was saving for Scotland and going out in Austin. This year, I want my priority to be more travel. My Portland OR trip is set up and I’m hoping to set up other trips too. Maybe Costa Rica in August and Italy, Peru, or Thailand in December. Hopefully that can work, I just need to save and budget better. Trips give me something to look forward to and give me new experiences. I feel like that is worth saving money for.





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