Coffee Shops

I have always had a thing for coffee shops. Even when I wasn’t into coffee. Maybe because I’m a 90’s kid. Who knows? The thing about coffee shops is that they are relaxing. They also remind me about college and being an adult. The good things about being an adult not the bad. For some reason, these coffee shops make me happy. They help me with my work weeks and whenever I have a bad day. I just love to sit, drink my coffee, and think. It relaxes and inspires me. Perfect for journal /blog writing or maybe to catch up with a friend.

I moved to Austin TX about a year and a half ago. Since then, I have tried to visit every local coffee shop in the city. I have not come close to visiting ever coffee shop in Austin. It’s just good to live in a city that has a variety of local coffee shops. ┬áLater, I will make an article of my favorite coffee shops in Austin. Even when I’m in a different city I try to visit a coffee shop. My favorite one in New Orleans is spitfire coffee. I get happy just thinking about that latte.

Yesterday, I got the chance to visit a Japanese coffee shop called Sa-Ten in Austin TX. It was tucked a way in a Austin complex. I think the building it was located use to be a warehouse. Now the building has art galleries and the Sa-Ten coffee shop. The shop was packed and had an artsy feel, it was cute. They even had a vintage-television-turned aquarium. I got in line to order my vanilla latte, my drink of choice. Usually, when I order vanilla lattes, I can’t taste the vanilla. ┬áThe vanilla latte at Sa-Ten, I could. It wasn’t a strong flavor but a nice light vanilla flavor. The vanilla did not overpower the coffee at all. The latte was so good, I regretted not ordering the large. My boyfriend ordered a regular latte which he liked as well. If you all are ever in Austin TX, this place is must try. I will definitely be going back.

Whether you’re getting a mocha, a black coffee, or a chai latte. Just remember that coffee shops are there to help us get through the week. To study for that final, catch up with a friend, or to read a good book. For sure, you will find me at coffee shop sipping my vanilla latte and updating my blog.



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