Magnolia Table Visit

This past Friday, I just had to visit Magnolia Table on my way to Dallas. I love the show fixer upper and breakfast foods. I asked my sister to meet me in Waco, she drove from Dallas to meet me. The restaurant does have a parking lot but it’s limited. I had to park behind another restaurant that is right next to Magnolia. I got to the restaurant at 10:45 AM and had to wait in line to put my name down. However, the service was phenomenal. Employees told me the wait would be about an 1 hour and 45 minutes for 2 people but if I requested a community table or bar seating it would be quicker. Of course, I requested for both. When I put my name down, I gave them my phone number for them to text me when my table was ready. Magnolia Table has a waiting area outside where you can get coffee, juice, and pastries. My sister and I got iced lattes while we waited. The restaurant also has a takeaway/gift shop area if you don’t want to wait for food. I visited the takeaway/gift shop area and got a pecan coffee for my brother and a rose lemonade for myself.

We ended up waiting an 1 hour and 20 mins and sat on a bar table. The food was quick and delicious. My sister and I just caught up, ate our food, and enjoyed the air condition, after waiting outside. I recommend the restaurant but if you don’t like waiting, try to go early on a weekday. I would recommend to get there when the restaurant opens at 6 AM or you can just get takeaway food and take pictures. I am happy I got to visit Magnolia Table and that my sister was able to join me.



Speakeasy Bar

I have been drinking more cocktails lately. It’s my late 20’s speaking to me to be more fancy. Of course, cocktails are the more expensive drink choice.  That’s why, I want to try to make them at home. Recently, I went to a speakeasy bar called Midnight Cowboy in Austin TX. It’s one of the best cocktails spots in Austin.  For this bar you have to make a reservation. I made a reservation for my boyfriend’s birthday and I loved the bar so much. I made another reservation 2 weeks after. The bar is hidden on 6th street and it’s easy to miss. The way to find to find the bar is by looking for a call box on 6th street. When you finally find it, you have to press the name Harry Craddock. Then a Midnight Cowboy employee will open the door and ask for your reservation. If you don’t have a reservation, you can still be seated if they have open seating. I have never attended a bar that had a unique entrance, so this made me feel important. The bar itself is pretty small and dark but it’s cozy.  The first cocktail I had was called the Millennial. It was the best cocktail that I have ever had. The drink had genever, cochi americano, creme de cacao, lemon, egg white, and lavender bitters. They do have some cocktails that they can make in front of you,which I thought was amazing. The second time we went, my boyfriend ordered a table-side preparation drink. All the drinks I have tried at this speakeasy bar were delicious. If y’all are ever in Austin TX this place is a must try. You can even go with a group of friends and order a delicious punch. I know that I am definitely coming back to Midnight Cowboy.

Why I started Blogging

It’s been 6 months since I started my blog. I got inspired by a close friend of mine to start one. I was not having a good week and felt unmotivated. He asked me what I like doing. I told him that I liked writing, traveling, and food. So, he gave me the idea to start a blog. Some of you might be asking, why I had never thought about a blog before; especially since I like to write. I did try to blog in the past but it never stuck.  I would get distracted with other things. Life happened pretty much. Basically, I didn’t make the time. However, It was always in the back of my mind. My friend gave me the push and direction. I am very thankful for him for that.

I really do want to continue to blog and make it another 6 months or longer. Blogging makes me happy. I am happy to talk about my travels, food experiences, and personal thoughts. It helps me put all my thoughts together and express how I feel at the moment. I can be having a bad day but writing makes it better. Also, I want to help people travel because it’s an amazing experience. I know blogging is not easy but I like it and its something that’s mine. It’s something that expresses who I am and I get to know myself better.  So, I hope to continue writing to everyone and I hoped you have enjoyed it so far.

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