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My World Record Bucket List

I have seen the world’s smallest park and the world’s oldest restaurant according to the Guinness Book of World Records. So I thought I could try to continue this World Record thing while Traveling. Not all of them are Guinness Book record things, its a list of interesting things I want to do. I do not know how many I will do or when I will see the next world record but I’m going to try. Here is my world record bucket list:

World Oldest Bar

Sean’s bar in Athlone Ireland, the bar has been operating since 900 AD. Athlone is about an hour and 30 minute drive from Dublin. I am definitely having a drink at Sean’s bar and checking out the bar scenery. Since, the United States is really new compared to other countries. The World’s oldest restaurant and bar really fascinate me.

First New Year

I want to go to Kiribati (the Christmas Island) because they experience New Years First in the World. The island is located in the central pacific Ocean. Every New Years, I tend to forget that other parts of the world are already in the New Year. When I go to the Christmas Island, I really will be the first to experience New Years.

World Tallest Building

The World’s tallest building is Burj Khalifa in Dubai. However, I hear that the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia opens in 2020 and it will be taller than Burj Khalifia. I will have to keep researching if the World’s Tallest building keeps changing.

Oldest Pizzeria 

I want to go to the oldest pizzeria in the United States in New York City and the world’s oldest pizzeria in Naples Italy because I love pizza. The United States one will be easier to visit for me, its called Lombardi and it has been open since 1905. It’s been recognized on the Pizza Hall of Fame as the first pizzeria in the United States.

The pizzeria in Naples is called Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba it was founded in 1738 as a seller of street food and became a pizzeria in 1830. I will be going to Italy in September 2020. I need to see if I can stop by Naples to visit this pizzeria. It would be very worth it.

There is other World Record places I want to see and experience but I made my list small to not overwhelm myself. I really do want to accomplish these things. I have a lot bucket lists and little by little I am accomplishing them. The world record thing is really interesting to me; I think it would be cool to have a drink at the world oldest bar, experience New Years first in the world, see the world’s tallest building, and eat pizza at the oldest pizzeria. It’s just amazing how many things they are in the world to experience.

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My United States Bucket List

My Portland Oregon trip made me realize that I have never created a United States Bucket List. Also, 4th of July is tomorrow and it’s perfect for a United States bucket list post. I like to travel internationally but I feel like the United States has amazing places to visit. I would love to visit ever state in the United States and maybe one day I will. There is a couple of places I really want to visit before I start on visiting all states. These are places I would love to see in the United States.

  1. Chicago- A place to try real deep dip pizza and visit the Willis tower. I was thinking about going September, October, or summer 2020. Most likely it will be Summer 2020. It will give me more time to save and plan my trip.
  2. Nashville- I want to walk around downtown see the sights, get a drink, and enjoy some good music.
  3. Washington DC:  I want to do the touristy things like visit the white house. Locals told me a good time to visit is October or April because of the weather.
  4. Portland Maine- Back in college, I saw something on the travel channel or the food network.  It was people sitting by the water eating lobster in Maine. I have been hooked on going to Maine ever since.

This bucket list is very possible to complete. I feel like the United States has many amazing cities to visit. The ones on my list are places are my top places. The place I want to visit next is Chicago. I need to start planning that trip soon.

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Seattle Bucket List

I will be visiting Seattle in October to celebrate my 30th birthday. I’m extremely excited, words can not express how excited I am. Back in the summer of 2006 I was able to pass by Seattle when I went to Yakima Washington. However, I didn’t get to fully enjoy Seattle. Now it’s my time to explore the city. Here is my bucket list for Seattle. If y’all have any other recommendations, please let me know.

  1. Kerry Park: Apparently, the best place to take a picture of the city.
  2. Pike’s Place Market: A farmer’s market that I want to check out. It also has the first Starbucks and a Gum wall that I will contribute to.
  3. Space Needle Observation Deck: Where I can see a 360 view of beautiful Seattle. The observation deck also has a restaurant but I will not be going to the restaurant.
  4. Seattle Great Wheel  (Ferries Wheel): I heard this is the largest ferries wheel in the west coast. That is defiantly a must see and more beautiful views.
  5. Puget Sound Ferry: Of course, I have to take a ferry ride here.
  6. West lake Center or Pacific Place to shop: shopping break!
  7. Museum of Pop Culture: a non-profit museum and it’s dedicated to the history of popular music, science fiction, and pop culture. This is something my boyfriend and I really want to see.
  8. Discovery Park: Seattle’s largest public park and it contains 11.81 miles of walking trails. I want to be able to walk and enjoy the city.
  9. Check out the Coffee Culture: Other than visiting the first Starbucks, I want to check out some local coffee shops there. Since Seattle has a huge coffee culture.

Hopefully, my bucket list can be accomplished but either way I’m just happy to be visiting Seattle.



My Texas Bucket list

In honor of Texas Independence day recently, I created a Texas Bucket List. I have lived in Texas all my life and I love it, it’s home. However, there is a lot places in Texas I haven’t visited. Texas is a big state, so it should’t come to a surprise. I’m good with lists and I decided to share my list here, for the blogging world to see. I’m hoping to accomplish this list soon and take a lot pictures. Also, I hope to help tourists or other Texas natives with this Texas Bucket List. This is my list of 10:

  1. Hike Enchanted Rock. Located in Fredericksburg Texas. After, I will reward myself with wine.
  2. Hamilton Pool is located in Dripping Springs. I have been trying to visit this natural pool for years, I will make it happen this summer. Keep in mind, you need to schedule a visit to this beautiful pool on their website.
  3. Visit artsy Marfa Texas. Even though Marfa is in the middle of the desert, they have amazing galleries, boutique shops, and a cosmopolitan dinning scene.
  4. Big Bend National Park
  5. Eat deep fired food at the State Fair of Texas. The fair is located every year around September or October in Dallas Texas.
  6. Swim in the natural-fed spring Krause Spring. It’s located in Spicewood Texas and it’s a family owned property.
  7. Watch a sea turtle hatch in South Padre Island.
  8. See another Texas beach, Port Aransas.
  9. Do a brewery tour for Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner TX. This happens to be the oldest brewery in Texas, stated in 1909.
  10. Finish visiting the mission trails in San Antonio TX.


Mission Concepcion

I have no idea when I will complete this list but that’s the fun in it. It gives me something to look forward too.  Also, I would live to see y’all s state lists!