My Vision Board

My friend asked me if I had created my vision board for 2019. I have not but I will. She send me a picture of her vision board. She had a poster with pictures of things she wanted to accomplish this year.  I think this is a really good idea, it will help me accomplish … More My Vision Board

Dallas Favorites

I consider Dallas like a 3rd home. Some of my immediate family live there. After going there this Thanksgiving I wanted to share some of my favorite restaurants from breakfast to dessert. Since food is amazing. Here they’re: Breakfast/Brunch Maple Leaf Diner: A Canadian restaurant in Dallas. They have traditional diner food (chicken fried steak, burgers, and homemade pies). I … More Dallas Favorites

FOMO Factory

A pop up museum in Austin has been inspired by FOMO, FOMO-Fear of missing out. People will definitely will feel left out when they look at your FOMO Factory pictures.  The museum’s idea is to celebrate the magic of childhood. They want to bring back the imagination you had as a child. You can scrabble your … More FOMO Factory