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Blue Hole Regional Park

Even though its not on my Texas Bucket list post, visiting Blue Hole Reginal Park has been on my Texas Bucket list. The park is about 40 minutes from Austin TX, in Wimberley TX and it has a swimming hole. The water is 75 degrees all year around. It’s spring Feed from water from Jacob’s well. To enter Blue Hole Reginal Park’s swimming hole, you have to make reservations online and the ticket is 12 dollars. If want to enjoy this beautiful area and swim in the water, I recommend making reservations in advance. We made our reservations in the beginning of March for May 15th. The reservation help make the area not too crowded. We had plenty of space to relax.

I had a chance to the visit park and swimming hole on May 15th with some friends. When you first enter the park it’s a little walk to the swimming hole. Then there is a booth where you need to show your reservation. They give you a wrist band to go in and out of the swimming hole area. The swimming hole was surrounded by trees very shady for when its sunny. They have picnic tables (reservation only) but many people had towels on the grass and just enjoyed the nice day. The day we went, it was cloudy but the water was still very enjoyable. There’re two swing sets to jump in the pool. I did go on one of them and my jump was not graceful. However, it was the best way to get in the water. It helped me get adjusted to the water. We also took breaks from the water and try to enjoy what sun we had. The Blue Hole Reginal Park swimming is my favorite swimming hole in Texas. The water is refreshing, the area is beautiful, and the swing sets make the water more fun.

After Blue Hole we went to enjoy some whiskey at Crowded Barrel Whiskey Company. It’s an experimental whiskey company. I’m not a huge whiskey fan but I got a whiskey cocktail and it was delicious. The whiskey company is located in Texas Hill Country and you can enjoy the view while you enjoy your whiskey. After, we got another drink at Desert Door in Driftwood. For dinner we got BBQ. Visiting Wimberly and Driftwood was a nice break from Austin. I have not taken many trips since 2019 and this little trip was what I needed.

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