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Shows to watch on Netflix and Hulu

I have been watching a lot shows this past quarantine. I wanted to give you some show recommendations to help you find shows to watch. The majority are from Netflix and one is from Hulu. Two are documentaries with several episodes, one is based on a true story, and the other is based on a book. Here are my show recommendations:

  1. Wild Wild Country:  is a documentary on Netflix about a guru and his followers who build a Utopian city in a small town in Oregon. It causes conflict with people who were already living in the town.
  2. The Keepers:  a documentary on Netflix about a nun’s death who taught in Baltimore. It explores her unsolved murder. Her murder still has not been solved.
  3. Waco: a true story about a stand-off that took place in Waco TX in 1993. It was between the FBI and ATF and the Branch Davidans (David Koresh’s spiritual group) This show is also on Netflix.
  4. Little Fires Everywhere: It’s based on a book. It’s on hulu it’s about two mothers who changed each others lives. One mother comes from a picture perfect family and the other is a mysterious single mom.

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