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Future Chicago Trip

Back in the summer, I talked about my United States Bucket list. To accomplish my bucket list, I wanted Chicago or Portland Maine to be my next United States trip. I decided on Chicago and will be going at the end of April. Both by plane ticket and airbnb are booked. It will be a four day trip and my first truly solo trip. I do have a friend that lives in Chicago and I’m hoping to meet up with her. However, I will be staying solo in my airbnb. I chose to going in April because it was way too cold for the winter and I hear summer is really hot there.  I am so excited and I am hoping its not very cold. I have been wanting to visit Chicago for awhile, I think ever since I saw the movie While You Were Sleeping. Here is some things I have planned to see:

Millennium Park:

To see the Cloud Gate, the sculpture that looks like a bean. I want to explore the area and maybe even go ice skating. I want to do this the first day I am there. I arrive at like 5:30 PM. I want to check in my airbnb and drop off my bags. Then go to the park. It’s suppose to be a 10 minute uber ride. If I do not have enough time that day or traffic is bad, I will go the next day.

Willis Tower:

This is also a 10 minute uber ride from my airbnb. I do want to do this the first day but I might try to save it for the second day i’m in Chicago. This will help me go early an hopefully avoid crowds. Touring the sky deck is $24 dollars. I feel it is worth it to see a good view of Chicago.

Boat Ride:

I want to do a boat ride in the Chicago river. To learn about the history of the city. I can admire the architecture and just experience the city. This will definitely be a second or third day thing.

Now that I am thinking of it, I feel I should explore the neighborhood by my airbnb first. There is a good deep dish pizza near by and I can get drinks after. Then the next day I can save it for the Millennium Park, Willis Tour, and the boat ride. Hopefully that night I can meet my friend for dinner. Then the 3rd and 4th day can be more calm days where I can relax and enjoy more of the city. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

4 thoughts on “Future Chicago Trip

  1. I’m in Chicago! I think you chose the perfect places and activities to do 🙂 And perfect time too! Our last snow last year was like in early April. And by end of April weather was good. So you chose perfect time too 🙂 Have a great visit here!

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  2. Assuming you’ll have to wait a bit longer to visit Chicago but it’s a really wonderful city. Go early to the Skydeck, even with advance tickets there was a long queue time to go up. Enjoy the pizza, explore Navy Pier and of course make sure you see the Bean!

    I’ll actually be writing about Chicago on the blog soon so might offer some tips too. Lastly, I wouldn’t say it’s too hot to visit in the summer, you’ll certainly be used to hotter climates in Texas! I found it reasonable visiting at the end of July.

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    1. Yes, I reschedule the trip for mid October. I’m hoping my sister can come with me but I think most likely I am going alone. Thanks for the tips!! I will for sure go early to the sky deck and explore the Navy Pier and the Bean!!

      Thank you for your blog, I will use that for more tips! I’m glad to hear it’s not that bad in the summer. That’s true I do live in Texas where its hotter lol. I should be fine with Chicago summer then.

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