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My Favorite Food Trucks in Austin TX

Austin TX is known for having a lot food trucks. They’re everywhere, at bars, coffee shops, and they even have food truck parks filled with them. They have a variety of different food trucks from Indian food, Thai food, desserts, vegan food trucks, and of course taco food trucks. For the many food trucks in Austin, I wanted to write a blog on my favorite food trucks.

  1. Dee Dee:  a Northern Thai food truck and it’s located in the patio of Radio Coffee. It’s a husband and wife that run it. The wife is from Thailand and cooks her family recipes. My favorite is the pad kaprow. It’s spicy stir-fried pork with  fried Thai basil and fried egg with jasmine rice. I usually order a green Thai tea to help with the spice. However, you can ask the staff to lower the spice. Also, you need to order the mango with sticky rice.
  2. Patrizi’s: I recently just tired the Italian food truck and it immediately became one of my favorites. They make their own pasta and the servers explain the menu to you very well. I ordered the Cacio e Pepe. It had olive oil, pepper, and grana padano cheese. I added honey to the pasta and it was perfect. You can also add bacon and other options to the pasta. However, I tired my friend’s pasta and liked hers more. I think she ordered the Parizi’s red sauce. 67258A6E-0B43-4F1D-A55C-E2A5096D0444
  3. Rosita’s Al Pastor: in my opinion they serve the best breakfast tacos in Austin. I think they make their own tortillas and they are delicious. They’re mostly know for their tacos a pastor. It’s 24 hour marinated pork and it’s a secret family recipe.
  4. Ranch Hand: It’s a good place to eat healthy. I like to order the Rosemary garlic chicken salad. It has spinach, purple rice, sweet potatoes, apples, pumpkin seeds, and goat cheese. They are located by Native hostel. You have to order through the hostel not the food truck. Which is great because the hostel is so cute

If you want to experience food trucks, come to Austin. You will not be disappointed by the lack of food trucks. All you have to do is drive around Austin and you will find one. I hope this list can help you get a start on visiting some of them. My recommendation is to call the food truck before visiting because the hours can vary. If not look at the social media pages or the website.