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My United States Bucket List

My Portland Oregon trip made me realize that I have never created a United States Bucket List. Also, 4th of July is tomorrow and it’s perfect for a United States bucket list post. I like to travel internationally but I feel like the United States has amazing places to visit. I would love to visit ever state in the United States and maybe one day I will. There is a couple of places I really want to visit before I start on visiting all states. These are places I would love to see in the United States.

  1. Chicago- A place to try real deep dip pizza and visit the Willis tower. I was thinking about going September, October, or summer 2020. Most likely it will be Summer 2020. It will give me more time to save and plan my trip.
  2. Nashville- I want to walk around downtown see the sights, get a drink, and enjoy some good music.
  3. Washington DC:  I want to do the touristy things like visit the white house. Locals told me a good time to visit is October or April because of the weather.
  4. Portland Maine- Back in college, I saw something on the travel channel or the food network.  It was people sitting by the water eating lobster in Maine. I have been hooked on going to Maine ever since.

This bucket list is very possible to complete. I feel like the United States has many amazing cities to visit. The ones on my list are places are my top places. The place I want to visit next is Chicago. I need to start planning that trip soon.

11 thoughts on “My United States Bucket List

  1. Just got back from Oregon. I thought it would be a nice enough trip. It was amazing!

    Nashville was the same way, so I definitely recommend it! Really, you can’t go wrong with any of the places on your list.

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  2. Some great choices and I’ve been lucky to visit three of the four. Chicago, Nashville and DC are all great places. I thought Chicago was pretty expensive but it’s somewhere I’d go back to.
    Also regarding DC in April, it’s cherry blossom season around that time so a nice time to go 🙂

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      1. Ah, it’s really hard to say. They’re all quite different cities and really dependent on what you want from the trip. I don’t think you can compare them. All great cities though, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

        Currently writing up about my trip to the US in April 2017 where I went to DC, Nashville and Dallas so maybe that will offer a little inspiration on those two cities 🙂

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