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Things to do in Portland Oregon

Portland has been on my United States bucket list for quiet some time. This past January I decided it was time and I booked my plane ticket, airbnb, and convinced my boyfriend to visit Portland with me. I asked a friend for advice about what area to stay in and where to go. I also had the help of some bloggers. Portland has so many things to do and I made a list of some things to do. The majority of my list is food but that because Portland has so many options. These are some places you can visit in Portland:

Places to visit

  • Lan Su Chinese Garden: This place is gorgeous and a must if you come to Portland. It’s 13 dollars a ticket to visit. It was build by Chinese artisans from Suzhou. It’s the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China. The garden was very relaxing and peaceful. Next time I want to try the restaurant and tea house.
  • Powell’s bookstore: This bookstore takes up the whole block. You can spend all day here. Each section is color coded and made things easier to find. The bookstore also buys your books. 


  • Mill’s End park: It’s in the Guinness book of world records as The World’s smallest park. It is very easy to miss. It is in a middle of two streets. I had to have locals point it out to me. The park is so cute, it literally just greenery with a tree in a pot. It has a sign too.


  • Kennedy school: An elementary school that is now a hotel, brewery, restaurant, theater, and a bar. It was so cool walking around an old elementary school. My boyfriend and I ate at the restaurant had cheese fries and walked around. It was amazing to see an old school turned a night life hangout.


  • Gravy: Both the french toast and hasbrowns are the best. Locals recommended this place to me. I wanted to try Pine State Biscuits but they told me it would be crowded and that Gravy was delicious too. They were right because Gravy was delicious.
  • Pok Pok: A Thai restaurant that is really well known. I ordered the chicken curry and my boyfriend ordered the wings. We both loved what we ordered. There is a couple locations in Portland and its also located in New York.


  • Bend coffee: It was 10 minute walk from my airbnb. I had chai latte and a bagel. Both great. The place was crowded but the service was amazing.D420E3C3-2A34-4242-9313-58AF27912AD5
  • Stacks: First place I visited in Portland. Its a library theme coffee shop. They serve breakfast tacos and pastries. I had to come here because it was a a 5 minute walk from my airbnb and they have breakfast tacos, which is big in Austin. The coffee shop was so cute and the tacos were delicious.


  • Blue Star Donuts: My favorite was the blueberry bourbon basil. It was so good that I got another at the airport before I left. When your in Portland, you need to stop here for dessert. There is more than once location in Portland.


  • Salt & Straw: There was a line when I went. It was worth it though. I had two scoops one of the strawberry honey blasmic with black pepper and double fold vanilla. I fell in love with strawberry honey blasmic with black pepper. I wanted to buy a pint but it was sold out. I really hope Salt and Straw comes to Austin. If you do not like waiting in lines, I would go early for ice cream or you can visit Ruby Jewel ice cream.

I feel like the majority of my list was food. Not only because Portland has so many delicious food options but I also love food. There is also amazing parks like Tom Mcall Waterfont Park and Peninsula Park to visit. Portland was a lot fun and I had an amazing time. The city has great public transportation and many things were walking distance from my airbnb in north Portland. I want to visit next summer with my sister to explore more Portland and visit Multnomah Falls.

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Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

I have not had a family trip or been to the beach in awhile. I think it’s something I need. We will be going to Santa Rosa beach, Florida after the 4th of July. I will be staying four days along with my sister, the rest of my family will be staying a week. Due to work and my sister’s school commitments. I know four days is a short trip. However, I am just happy to be going at all. We will be staying in an airbnb by the beach. I can already imagine myself laying on the beach with a nice cold drink. Then refresh in the ocean. Also, eat a lot seafood and spend time with my family.

Santa Rosa beach does not have an airport, I will be flying to Destin-Fort Walton beach airport. It’s about 34 miles and the closest airport from Santa Rosa beach. The good thing is my family and I will be on the same flight, so we will all share a van to get to our airbnb. This will be first time at Santa Rosa and I am really excited. The only part of Florida I have been to is Orlando. I have been researching restaurants that we can go to. Especially, seafood places to prepare for the trip. If any of you have been to Destin or Santa Rosa, please let me know of good restaurants and places to go.