My Portland OR Bucket List

It’s official, I will be going to Portland Oregon in June 2019 with my boyfriend. I bought my flight and reserved my Airbnb. My flight leaves on a Wednesday night but I get to Portland at Midnight on Thursday. Then I leave at 6 AM Sunday. They are not the greatest flight times but they were the cheapest. I wanted to plan to go to Portland in March but I keep hearing the weather is amazing in the summer. A friend of mine helped me set up my Airbnb and gave me a map of the city to use public transportation. Here are things I want to do in Portland:

1. Powell Bookstore:

It’s the largest independent bookstore in the world. I hear you can get lost in the bookstore because its huge and that they even provide maps. I will definitely enjoy my time. I will walk down the aisles looking for books with a cup of coffee.

2. Blue Star donuts:

They make donuts from scratch with fresh ingredients. I keep hearing the donuts are amazing. One flavor I want to try is the Cointreau Creme Brulee.

3. Mulnomah falls:

This a 30 minute drive from Portland. I might rent a car to drive there. I have been wanting to see these beautiful falls for awhile.

4. Explore coffee and brewery’s:

I keep hearing that they are now for their coffee and beer. I was going to sign up to do a tour of both but I decided to explore them on my own. One coffee shop I want to visit is Stumpton coffee. They are many locations so it should not be difficult to find one. A brewery I had in mind is EX Nova Brewery.

5. Mill ends park: 

It’s the world smallest city park. Its in the Guinness book of world records. I can’t wait to see this cute park.

If y’all have ever been to Portland OR, please let me know of areas to visit. I am really excited about this trip and will take many pictures. Also, I will write a blog about my favorite things in Portland.


6 thoughts on “My Portland OR Bucket List

  1. That is so exciting! I visited Portland last July and LOVED IT! Powell’s Bookstore is awesome and I wish I had spent more time there. I thought Multnomah Falls was kind of disappointing. It’s beautiful, but extremely crowded, but I do recommend Latourell Falls!! I don’t drink coffee, but my husband is obsessed, so we visited about 7 shops I think. Mill Ends Park is definitely adorable. If you like pizza, I recommend grabbing a slice at Sizzle Pie, super delicious!! I can’t wait to hear about your trip!! 😀

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    1. Thank you for the recommendations. I need to put latourell falls and sizzle pie on my list. I will probably visit a lot coffee shops to hahaha. I can’t wait for June! I’m glad you loved Portland!

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  2. Excited that you get to visit. Powell’s book store you can easily get lost in I reckon haha.
    I was going to recommend that you visit SE Division St if you get a chance, I’ve just noticed Blue Star Donuts is on that street so you’ve no excuse not to go now haha. There’s a cool ice cream place called Salt and Straw and the rest of the street has loads of breweries and independent shops too. Worth a visit.
    I’d also recommend a trip to OMSI which has a planetarium, submarine and loads of science-y exhibits 🙂

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