Brunch Spots in Austin TX Part II

Back in March 2017 I wrote a blog post called, Brunch in Austin TX  In my blog I talked about my 3 favorite brunch spots in Austin. Since then, one place has closed and one will close at the end of the month. Little Barrel and Brown closed and East Side Cafe will close tomorrow, January 31. I was able to go this past weekend and say goodbye. They both closed because they sold their restaurants. Since two places have closed, I wanted to make another blog of brunch places I like in Austin. I hope they stay open awhile so I can keep enjoying their brunch.

Hideaway Kitchen &Bar

They serve locally source southern food.  Breakfast is served from 6:30 AM- 11:00 AM. You order when you come to the restaurant and a server will bring by the food. I ordered the egg and bacon biscuit and a Garden Mary. The Garden Mary is like a Bloody Mary but it uses carrot juice instead of tomato juice. I like carrot juice, so this was a must for me. The biscuit was huge and I could not finish it but I recommend it.


Blue Dahlia Bistro

Breakfast is served from 9 AM to 9PM. It’s perfect for that late day brunch. It’s a European-style restaurant with 2 locations in Austin. I have tired both their breakfast and dinner there and its great. I also love the environment of the restaurant. They even have my favorite dessert, Creme Brûlée.


Emmer and Rye

This place changes their menu daily. They serve seasonally inspired and local cuisine. Brunch is only on Sunday’s and its lovely.  My meal I ordered had short rib, potato hash, tomatillo, and a poached egg. It was so good, I could eat this meal everyday.  For brunch they have a pastry cart that goes around. It was an amazing experience to be able to see your dessert and choose it. The server was very descriptive and helpful about the desserts. My dessert was delicious but I completely forgot what I ordered. However, I recommend their pasty cart. It will not disappoint.



3 thoughts on “Brunch Spots in Austin TX Part II

  1. There seem to be so many incredible food places in Austin, definitely somewhere I’m hoping to visit soon! Fingers crossed these are still open by the time I get there!

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