Farmers Market Visit

It was Sunday morning and I decided to go to the Farmers Market. It’s located on Muller in Austin TX. What inspired me to go was homemade chocolate chip cookies from Teddy V Patisserie. These are the items I bought:

Upriver Cacaco

It was a plant based energy drink that is a cold brew with caco. I got the flavor Midnight Mocha. It tasted like a coffee milkshake. I would definitely get this energy drink again.


Tamales from Tamale Addiction

I got 3 Chicken mole tacos from here. They were Delicious. Also, the staff was very friendly. I had so many bags with me and I had left my tamales and I went back and they had them.

Cookies from Teddy V. Patisserie

These cookies are huge. I got two chocolate chip and two chocolate chip with walnuts. They were amazing. They recommended that I warm them up in the oven before eating. However, I could not wait. They were delicious and I should of boughten more.

Dog Treats from Chow Hound Raw

They make raw dog food in house. They are located in both Austin and Chicago I decided to get treats for my dog. I got her some beef sticks and she loved them.


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