My Vision Board

My friend asked me if I had created my vision board for 2019. I have not but I will. She send me a picture of her vision board. She had a poster with pictures of things she wanted to accomplish this year.  I think this is a really good idea, it will help me accomplish my goals and help me focus on positive things.  For some reason, picture and writing your goals down makes it more official. Before I get my poster and start gluing pictures, I wanted to share my vision board with y’all. On my vision board I want to include:

Traveling: I feel like in 2018, I did not travel as much as I wanted to. For 2019, I have a trip to Portland Oregon planned in June. Hopefully, I can set up a Costa Rica trip and an Italy trip.

Blogging: I want to try to blog more this year. A new blog entry every two weeks. I feel like it fell behind in 2018. I always feel better when I do a new blog post. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. Lately, I have not felt great but blogging helps me feel better. It is an energy booster for sure.

Healthier lifestyle: I need to work out and not have as much sugar. I have a big sweet tooth, I want to supplement with some health fruit or other healthier options. Then have candy and other desserts in moderation.

Better in Finances: This a difficult one because I do want to travel more, I need to make adjustments where I can travel and still save money at the same time. This probably means no more delivery food.

Right now my vision poster is blank but I will complete it this month. I will put pictures of places I want to travel to, pictures of blogs to inspire me to write, work out pictures, and money pictures to remind me to save.




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