What to do in Scotland

I went to Scotland a week before Christmas for 6 days. I know it was a short trip but I feel like I got to see a lot. I went with contiki (tour group) and got to make new friends. I was able to visit Edinburg, St. Andrews, Scottish Highlands, Isle of Skye, Stirling, and Glasgow. Scotland was amazing especially Edinburgh. Edinburgh had amazing architecture and so many things to do. Like the amazing Christmas market. Here are some things you can do in Scotland:

Isle of Skye: This area is full of sight seeing. You will want to take lots of pictures and never leave.  It was a very beautiful scenic route. The seaside of Portee is located here. Its a gorgeous town that has pastel houses. I was able to have lunch there and it was the best lunch I had in Scotland. The restaurant was called, The Caley Bar. They also have a dog at the Post Office that is the official stamp licker. The Eilean Donan Castle is located in the Isle of skye too. The movie Made of Honor was filmed there. The above picture is Eilean Donan Castle.

Cruise Loch Ness: take a boat cruise to loch ness. The cruise stops by the Urquhart castle, so you can see it up close. Maybe you can find Nessie up close too. The boat has food, drinks, and free wifi.


Try a whiskey tasting: I do not like whiskey but I thought whiskey in Scotland would be the best way to start liking whiskey. I learned that its ok to put water in your whiskey, which I did and it made it a lot better. However, I was only able to try 2 whiskey tasting and a little of a 3rd one. I asked for cider after. The experience was great because our whiskey tour guide told us Scotland history stories.


Elephant house: This coffee shop is located in Edinburgh. They call it the birthplace of Harry Potter. Since JK Rowling started writing her Harry Potter books there, when she lived in Edinburgh. The coffee shop was packed when I went but you are able to walk around inside.

Edinburgh Castle: I was able to take a tour of castle. It was cold and rainy that day but it was worth it. I learned more about Mary queen of Scots and that Robert The Bruce was the real brave heart. However, William Wallace did do a lot for Scotland. Also, saw the crown of Jewels. I was able to have a tea tasting after my castle experience, to keep warm and help me recharge.

Greyfriars Kirkyard:  This graveyard is behind the elephant house in Edinburgh. It’s where JK Rowling got some of her names for her book. Like Thomas Riddle. I could not find the headstone but some friends of mine did. It looks like they do tours of the cemetery too. I am pretty sure they can find Thomas Riddle and other characters.


St Andrews: The birthplace of golf and where Prince William and Kate met. They went to the same university there. I went to the coffee shop, NorthPoint Cafe where they had coffee dates. I had a delicious smoothie from there and walked around St. Andrews. The town is beautiful they even have a beach.



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