Las Vegas

I know this sounds cliche but Las Vegas really is sin city. Gambling is everywhere, clubs stay open till 5:00 AM, drinking is allowed outside, topless pool parties, and other various reasons. Vegas is an escape from reality.  I think 3 days is a perfect amount to stay. Because when you’re there you drink quite a bit and gamble your money away. However, I always miss it when I leave. It has that charm where you always want more.

This past weekend I went to Las Vegas for the Backstreet Boys concert. My middle school dream was coming true for the second  time. The first time I saw them was in Austin 3 years ago. But this time it was in Vegas with close friends. We arrived on a Friday afternoon and left Monday morning.

Day 1

As soon as we got there, we had moscato with fruit, bread, and cheese. A perfect start to a perfect trip. After, we went gambling at the hotel. I’m not much of a gambler but I still gambled a bit. No, I didn’t win the whole time I was there. The thing with gambling it’s about the fun not about winning. I’m still learning that today. Basically, when you go to Vegas save money that’s just for gambling. We got to walk the Las Vegas strip a bit where I got a frozen drink at Fat Tuesday’s. They have different sizes and I regret not getting the tallest size. The Backstreet Boys concert was at Planet Holiday and it was amazing. The boys put on a good show and it brought a lot nostalgia.

Day 2

The next day we had an amazing brunch at the Wynn. I got some Belgian waffles with coffee. Some of my friends got eggs Benedict with salmon, which was also delicious. After brunch we tried to attend a pool party but it was $50.00 bucks. Usually, you can find club promoters on the Vegas strip that will you give you passes to get into clubs and pool parties for free. However, we did not have free passes. We then decided to just go to a pool, instead of a pool party.  We had a great time we got drinks and bonded. This was great for me because we all don’t live in the same city. At night we went to the linq hotel to ride the high roller. The High Roller is an indoor ferries wheel where you can see the Vegas strip.We got some drinks and took them with us. They have an option for an open bar but we opted out of that. It’s 30 dollars without the open bar and 57 dollars with open bar for 30 minutes.



Day 3

The last day was the most relaxing day. We had brunch, walked around the strip, and gambled. I also got a refill on my Fat Tuesday’s cup. If you go to Fat Tuesday, keep your cup for a refill. During our break from gambling we got some sweets at Bouchon Bakery. I got a chocolate croissant and a chai latte. It was one of the best croissants I had in my life. Even my friend’s almond croissant was delicious. One of my friends even went back for seconds. First she got a vanilla eclair then cookies. The last place we went to gamble was the Palazzo hotel. I didn’t gamble but watched my friends instead and enjoyed my chai latte. For dinner, we had a little bit of Texas at a Texas based restaurant called Gilley’s.

It wasn’t my first time visiting Las Vegas and it definitely won’t be my last. It’s fun and there is so many things to do. There’re many restaurants I still want to try and shows I want to see. Also, just walking around the Las Vegas strip is amazing. It was great catching up with my close friends and the trip was definitely what I needed.


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