Saving for Travel

Money is usually an issue when it comes to traveling. At least for me anyways. I remember in college, I wanted to travel internationally but never made the effort because of money. It always stopped me, money was always my excuse. It wasn’t until after college that I realized if I don’t start traveling internationally now, then when will I? That’ s when I booked my trip to Ireland and I don’t regret one cent. What helped me save was being able to set up my payments in payment plans. I booked my trip with a tour group and they gave me the opportunity to make payment plans. Basically, I made a payment each month, until 99 days before my trip. Also, the earlier you book your trip the less your payments each month will be. The tour group included the flight, hotel, tour guides and other options. This made it easier for me to budget and live worry free.

A tour group is a wise choice if it’s your first time traveling or if your traveling alone. The group I went with, EF College Break gave us a schedule of things to do and plenty of free time. Other travel groups I have heard of are Contiki, Gate1, and Go Ahead Tours. These are some options if you’re interested in tour groups. Some tour groups have an age requirements, be sure to be on the look out for that. For example, EF College Break is for people 18-28. I know Go Ahead Tours does not have an age requirement.

For my United State travels, I usually stay with a friend and try to find a cheap flight. I try to fly during a time that’s not a busy travel month. For example, September or ¬†February. These two things have given me the opportunity to travel and to get to experience a local view of the city I am visiting. If I can’t stay with a friend, I try to get a group of friends to go with me on the trip to save on a room. Not only will I be spending the trip with my friends but I will be saving too. Also, when you buy your flight tickets try to avoid coming back on a weekend. Usually, its cheaper to leave on a Tuesday then Sunday.

These things have helped me travel in the past. Both international travel and United States travel. I hope these money plans can help you as well. In the future, I want to learn more about setting up my own international flight. I want to experience being in another country for 2 weeks and backpack. I feel this will help me learn more about myself and the country I am in.



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