New Orleans Favorites

I have been to New Orleans four times. The first time was in March of 2004. I was able to see the St. Patrick’s parade and visit a bit of the shops. The second time I went was during Halloween 2014 for a friend’s bachelorette party. I felt like I experienced more of New Orleans my second time. The third time, I went to Jazz fest with my boyfriend. My final time was this past January. It was freezing but I still had a blast. New Orleans is fun and a cultured city. I love the food, the art, and the traditions. Since, I have been to New Orleans a couple of times, I wanted to talk about my favorite things about the city.

My favorites of New Orleans:



Spitefire Coffee opened in 2013 as the first specialty coffee shops in New Orleans. I had their vanilla latte and it was delicious. I definitely went back this past January.



Ruby Red Slipper is great for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. The food is delicious and they have a variety of breakfast cocktails.


Port of Call has great burgers. Instead of offering fries for a side they offer a baked potato. Believe me, the baked potato is delicious. You wont even miss the fries.


K-Paul’s is known for blackened red fish. The chef Paul Prudhomme introduced blackened food and turducken. He popularized Cajun cuisine. Obviously, this place is a must try.


Cafe du Monde is a must try for beignets, coffee, or hot chocolate. It is a touristy place and will mostly likely be packed but it’s open 24 hours. I usually go after midnight, when there is fewer people.


Cafe Du Monde. Beignets  & Hot Chocolate


Jackson Square is a must see. It is a historic park in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1960. The park has a Jackson statue at the center and the Saint Louis Cathedral is located there. Jackson Square is beautiful and I try to stop by every-time I am in New Orleans.

Night Life


Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar is the oldest bar in the United States. It’s also the oldest building in New Orleans.  They have been serving beer and frozen drinks since the 1700’s. It was build during the 1720’s.  This bar is located on Bourbon and Philip street.

Both Bourbon street and Frenchmen are good for bar hopping. Bourbon street is more popular and has a lot more to offer. However, Frenchmen is calmer and offers a different side to New Orleans. I went to Frenchmen for the first time this past January and I fell in love. I was able to see some art, hear some jazz music, and of course visit bars.

Me on Frenchmen



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