NYC in 36 hours

I had never been to New York City. So, when my friend Sam asked me about going for Labor Day weekend, I couldn’t say no. The problem was I could only be there for 36 hours. It was a busy time at work and I couldn’t ask for an extra day. I knew a short time was going to be a problem, so I made a list of things I wanted to experience. Here was my list:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Central Park
  • Eat a cronut
  • NY pizza
  • Time Square
  • Fifth Avenue
  • Empire State
  • 9/11 Memorial

Fortunately, Sam and I stayed with her sister and she told me to send her my list. I didn’t think we were going to be able to accomplish a lot, I was just happy to go to NYC! As soon as I got there, I met them in Grand Central station. We went to drop off my things and we were off. First I went to have NYC pizza in Harlem. It was delicious and inexpensive. Then it was Central Park! Meli, Sam’s sister showed us her favorite parts of Central Park. We walked by strawberry fields and saw the Betesada Fountain. The fountain reminded me of the friends’ fountain. After, we walked around a bit and enjoyed fifth avenue.  At night, we got to sit at a bar and have a nice view of the Empire State. We had a drink and enjoyed the view. After we ate some Korean BBQ, I wanted to see Time’s Square. Let me just say, it was packed but that shouldn’t have surprised me. Advertisements were everywhere. It was Christmas in advertisements!!! Finally, I was seeing it real life. Sam and I took pictures and obviously acted like tourists.

The second day we took a ferry to Staten island to see the statue of liberty. We got some drinks at the store and enjoyed the ferry ride. It was difficult to take a picture of lady liberty because of all the tourists but when I did get that view, I appreciated it. I even cheered for her with my drink. The Brooklyn bridge was the next stop and checking out Brooklyn. The bridge is dividing in two spots, the walking lane, and bike lane. The bride was so crowded with people walking that they would go to the bike lane. I remember hearing a biker telling people to move. When I got the chance I took a picture sitting down on the Brooklyn Bridge. It took a couple of tries because of how packed it was but I got it. The weather was amazing it was hot with a cold breeze and it was perfect to be outside. We walked the whole bridge and went to the 9/11 memorial. The memorial was sad but I am happy that the people are being remembered. They have a museum that I didn’t have a chance to attend. Next time, I am in NYC I will. The only thing on my list that wasn’t checked off was to eat a cronut. Everything else was completed and I got to see more. I had the chance to see China town, Little Italy, and Korea town. Also, I saw amazing rooftop views of the city.

The trip was fun and exhausting but I got to see a lot in such a short time. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without Sam and Meli. They were enthusiastic and ready to complete my list. NYC is definitely a place, I need to go back too.  Maybe, I will be able to eat a cronut and go to Coney Island. The trip was only 36 hours but it will be an unforgettable one.


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  1. Ah that’s exciting, you saw so much in such little time!! Glad you took advantage of every minute. Jacob loves New York, I’m wanting to go sometime just a quick getaway for him 🙂

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