The first time I traveled outside of North America, I was 25. I went by myself with a travel group to Ireland. It was an amazing experience. 9 days in a scenic country with a Guinness or a Smithwick’s during St. Patrick’s day. What more could a girl ask for? My favorite part of the trip was probably the Aran islands. The Aran islands are a group of three islands located on the west coast of Ireland near Galway. Apparently, the movie Leap Year with Amy Adams was filmed there. I understand why because it is gorgeous. To get to the Aran islands you have to go by ferry. I remember falling asleep in the ferry because I was so tired but when I got there I woke up. The group and I had a chance to explore and hike up to see amazing views. The picture I posted was after I hiked to see a beautiful view. Yes, it was cold but it was worth it. I was so amazed by the island and the culture. Dublin was great too, I had a lot of fun celebrating St. Patricks day there. I was able to see a bit of the parade and attend the pubs at night. It was fun to see the locals and tourists dress up and have a good a time. The last pub I went to was Temple bar. The most memorable moment was when some Irish guys starting talking Irish Gaelic. Obviously, I didn’t understand a word but a girl I was with thought it hot. I was just impressed with being able to hear the language and liked that people still practice it. Ireland will always have a special place in my heart because of everything I experienced. I really hope to go back soon and create new experiences.

I’m thinking about my next international travel. Italy and Greece have been my dream places to visit. But maybe I need to visit a country outside of Europe. Thailand is an option, it’s a popular exotic place or maybe Peru. I have a friend that lives in Honduras I can visit. For sure I want to see her and visit her country. The first step is to save money. There is an app called digit that was recommended to me by a friend. It’s an app that helps you save. You input your bank account information and tell the app how much you want to save and what for. I love it so far and it helps me feel closer to my next international travel. In the past, I traveled with EF college break. They would set everything up for me and I was able to make monthly payments because of them I went to Ireland, Paris, London, and Germany. For my next travel, I wanted to travel with family or close friends. I want to be able to share an experience with them. I really think 2018 is my next year of travel.



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