Work mornings

Waking up in the morning for work can be difficult. Especially, when it’s still dark outside. Every time I wake up, I count the remaining days until the weekend arrives. Once I’m at work I’m fine and complete my tasks, it’s the getting up, getting dressed, and commuting to work that I’m not too fond of. To help me with this morning blues, I listen to some music and turn on the lights. Of course, coffee is a must! I don’t know how I lived life before coffee. Also, other motivations are thinking about my next big trip or talking to my friends and boyfriend. I’m actually going to Las Vegas soon and my nephew’s birthday is coming up. It’s those things that help make my mornings better. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to try that molten latte at Starbucks. Yum sounds delicious, I hope it is. We all just need to think about things that make us happy even little things like a molten latte. This will make the mornings easier and those work days go by faster, and who doesn’t want that.


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  1. Ah mornings are tough, especially when it’s cold or rainy…& yet when it’s sunny it’s worse because it’s a beautiful day & who wants to go to work?! Haha


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